Dubious Distinction: Is CNN's Jon Klein the Creep of the Day?

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OK, are you ready for this? Yesterday I was e-mailed an article printed in a Philly paper quoting CNN's president Jon Klein. After reading the statement attributed to him about his thoughts about Katie Couric, I thought to myself, I wonder what the women at CNN thought when they read this statement from their boss:

"In a dubious distinction he'll most likely regret making, Klein anoints Couric as 'the sexiest of the news anchors. The shoulders don't hurt, and the legs have to be considered.'" [Part of Klein quote in the Philly newspaper]

There is something creepy about the CNN network president John Klein (worse, your boss) watching women on other networks (does he drool?) and thinking about "shoulders" and "legs" as he listens to news out of Iraq, nation's healthcare crisis, etc. Is that what he thinks about when he watches the news? And, perhaps even worse, something profoundly stupid about a network president saying it to a newspaper knowing he will be quoted... and thinking his comment is OK or worse that it will make him somehow look better. (Ugh… what WAS he thinking? Or is he? And does he?)

Maybe today I should e-mail Katie Couric and ask her opinion of "his" legs. Stubby? Boney? Too much hair? Not enough hair? (Could Klein be funnier or make himself look like a bigger fool?)

From time to time I ask you a question, so here it is: Is Jon Klein the creep of the day?

OK, now that I have had some fun with the competition, let me get back to the behind the scenes. On Wednesday we did our show outside the crash site of the New York Yankees pitcher. Setting up a remote set can be a challenge in the best of times. Our crews really do a great job and never complain (at least not to me.)

It was not the best of times Wednesday for an outdoor-anchored show. It was raining cats and dogs. I have never seen rain come down so hard and for so long. The crew put a tent (tarp?) over the remote site, so we could do the show without looking like drowned rats... or so we thought.

As luck would have it, the tent/tarp leaked at the seams (cheap?) and the main offending seam was directly over my head. So the crew — always clever — taped and clasped an umbrella inside the tarp (see the pics that I have posted today.) I am sure if you were passing by we looked weirder than usual. I hope the superstition my mother talked about growing up — opening an umbrella indoors is bad luck — does not apply to tents or tarps!

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

So much mystery about the "woman" in the plane with Lidle. I googled Tyler Stanger, and that person is a man (flight instructor) from California. It's really none of my business, but it does seem that the media is very mysterious about this one item.
Lucia Anderson

ANSWER: We were not trying to be mysterious… we just did not know at first who, if anyone, was in the plane. By the time we hit air on Wednesday, I think we knew there was a second passenger, but did not know who. We later learned it was a flight instructor. During our show on Wednesday, I can't recall if we mentioned that a flight instructor was on that plane or not since I am not sure when in the timeline we learned it. As soon as we learned it, we did report it. Believe me, we were not trying to be mysterious.

E-mail No. 2

Hi Greta,
One woman interviewed shortly after the plane crash yesterday in NY was interviewed by a FOX reporter. She was holding a dog, but said she left the other dog behind... do you know what happened to pets left behind?
Also, please continue coverage of Natalee H. I am afraid Aruba and the Dutch will completely forget her if you don't remind her.
Thank you

E-mail No. 3

I went to the University of Vermont and graduated in 1978. Yes Burlington is a 'safe' town but even during the two years I was there I remember being advised not to cross the quad at night alone because there was a rapist that had truck twice.
Honestly, I can't remember a time in college that I ever walked home alone, either while at UVM or at Skidmore prior. I always expected to be walked home or escorted to my car. When friends dropped me off they always watched to see I got in safely, and still do. It's common sense (and manners).
Perhaps because I grew up in a 'larger', small city, Providence, R. I. I had a sense of 'street smarts'. Or maybe it's because I remember very well a high school girl I knew having been abducted and gang raped. When I hear these kids talking about what a safe city Burlington is I cringe. There are disturbed people everywhere and there are no border crossings to get into town.
I have probably put myself in danger more times than I know but a healthy dose of cynicism has possibly kept me safe.
Nancy Lazarus

E-mail No. 4

For what it's worth — plain and simple — Mel Gibson loves Jesus, a Jew! However, Mel is human, he obviously is not perfect, but I believe he is honestly sorry and has asked for forgiveness over and over again for his wrong choices. I say it's time to move on, and let Mel move on also.
Cathy Bufford
Batesville, AR

E-mail No. 5

Susan [Estrich] is wrong — in rural America we think the Jersey Girls are shameless opportunists, we didn't need Ann Coulter to tell us!
Susan is wrong. Rosie O'Donnell — a Liberal — has been saying outrageous things against Christians as has Linda Ronstadt. Susan needs to read the Internet or newspapers or listen to the news — Liberals have been trying to take God out of America for years!
As always you conducted a very good interview.
Beverly E. and Donald N. Fowler
Cleveland, OK

E-mail No. 6

I recently watched your show that interviewed Susan Estrich. I'm not writing today to defend Ann Coulter, only to defend myself.
Susan says that some of the off the cuff remarks that Ann makes are dangerous. I have read several of Miss Coulter's books and found these remarks humorous. I feel that I have some level of intelligence and that many of her readers are probably more intelligent than I and I'm sure they don't take these remarks as serious. Ann Coulter writes her books as though she were talking directly to you, the reader.
I'm sure that her readers feel that she was not serious about The New York Times should have been bombed instead of the federal building in Oklahoma.
I'm sure that the huge amount of Ann's readers have enough sense to realize her humor.
I have more intelligence than Susan Estrich gives me credit for.
I no more believe that someone should spike a Supreme Court Justice's drinks than I believe oral sex is not a sexual relationship.
Jimmy Pierce
Chattanooga, TN

E-mail No. 7

You just proved my point with Susan. You really belong at CNN. You are getting as bad as Alan Colmes, and that's sad.
O. Seale

E-mail No. 8

She never gets to stay on for more than 10 minutes. I hope you cover the elections next month and have Professor Susan on for the entire evening.

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