Drunk and Out of Control on Facebook

As if the hangover weren't bad enough, thousands of young women have the added humiliation of millions seeing their wasted debauchery on Facebook.

A user group entitled "30 Reasons Girls Should Call It a Night" has posted more than 4,800 photos of blotto gals on the town, over the toilet and in the bar, often with their panties showing and their faces three sheets to the wind.

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Named for the tongue-in-cheek list of reasons it might be time to put down the cocktail and go home ("No. 27. One minute you're strutting your stuff, the next minute you're rolling on the ground and you can't seem to remember the transition"), the Facebook group claims more than 160,000 members.

Not to be outdone, drunk men can join the spotlight, too. Jezebel.com promises to post its own gallery of hammered horrors with its post Tuesday: "Funtime: 30 Reasons Girls Should Send Us Pictures of Their Drunken Dude Friends." As of Friday, there were two pics.