Drew Peterson Wants to Divorce Missing Wife

Former Illinois Sgt. Drew Peterson wants to divorce his wife who vanished more than three months ago, The Herald News reported on Thursday.

"Yeah, but I don’t think I can for a year or so," Peterson told the newspaper about his divorce plans.

Stacy Peterson disappeared in October and is believed to be dead. Peterson is a prime suspect but insists he is innocent.

"She ran off with another guy," Peterson said, according to the newspaper. "It’s that simple."

"First we have to see if she shows up," he told The Herald News. "Then I think we have to wait for a year."

The ex-cop told the newspaper he would not mind getting legal advice from Chicago attorney Corri Fetman, who is expected to appear in Playboy magazine and has promoted her practice in racy billboard ads, according to the paper.

"If she wants to go out for drinks, give me a call," he told The Herald News.

Peterson's third wife, Kathleen Savio, died under mysterious circumstances in 2004, when she was found in a bathtub. Her body was exhumed for further forensic analysis, and officials have reclassified her death as a "homicide staged to look like an accident."

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