Parents on Strike!

Here are some of the stories we're chasing for Thursday's “Dayside” — new revelations in the athlete steroid scandal; potential eco-terrorism at a Maryland subdivision; naming a new National Intelligence Director (search) and new developments in the Scott Peterson trial.

There's also a great story we're covering out of Orlando, Florida — parents notifying their children that they're going on strike! Cat and Harlan Barnard (search) repeatedly begged and pleaded with their two kids (ages 17 and 12) to help out around the house. The kids resisted. So on Monday morning, as a last-ditch effort, Mr. and Mrs. Barnard moved out to the front yard and went on strike.

They are, at this very moment, living in their tent and leaving their kids to ponder the situation. Already the 17 year old is discovering it is "inconvenient," especially when people call for Mom or Dad and he has to take the phone out to them in their tent. The Volusia County (search) sheriff's department is stopping by the house occasionally to check on the kids, and the local department of children & families is investigating to see "if the children are suffering," and whether this constitutes "abandonment." What do you think of this? E-mail me your comments at: dayside@foxnews.com.

By the way, click here for our “The 12 Days of Christmas” Web page. Here you’ll find the links for the organizations that can help you send a care package to a soldier overseas.

One more thing — if you want to learn more about the customer service nightmares segment we did Wednesday, check out Nancy Friedman's Website.


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