Dozens of youngsters were taken by ambulance to a hospital Monday afternoon after chain-reaction rear-end collisions involving three school buses, police said.

None of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening, according to state police spokesman Bill Sadler, although two people were listed by ambulance personnel as having serious injuries.

Sadler said a trooper who went to the accident scene on two-lane U.S. 65 in far southeast Arkansas, Cpl. Mitch Grant, reported that, "Everything I saw was bumps and bruises."

Sadler said 43 people were taken by ambulance from the crash scene, 2.8 miles north of Eudora, to a hospital at Lake Village.

"Now there are 76 people in the emergency room" at the hospital, Sadler said shortly after 6 p.m.

He speculated that additional passengers on the buses were taken to the hospital by family or friends.

James Cathey, a dispatch supervisor with the Eudora Police Department, said the crash involved three buses from the Lake Village School District. Sadler said the crash appeared to be a "rear-end, chain collision" involving the buses.

The crash scene is in far southeast Arkansas, near where Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi meet.