I remember when I was in graduate school, the police busted into this house down the street from me.

Apparently they had a warrant and they were looking for drugs of some sort. And they found them. Lots of them, apparently, buried under a crawl space in the basement.

The kicker was that the guy had been arrested before on drug charges. But he always got off because they never found the drugs.

He protested and complained and charged police were hounding him -- at one point, calling them Keystone Cops out to destroy him.

He complained until he was caught. And it got me thinking. Sometimes those who protest the loudest, are those hiding the most. I just wonder whether that is the reason why we're getting the guff that we are from France.

Why are they so against our going into Iraq? Is it all just about deplorable military force, or is there something more?

Could it be what we'll find there? Maybe proof that France and Iraq are doing a lot of business with each other?

Maybe a lot more than either ever let on? Maybe more than oil stuff? Maybe some military stuff? Or worse stuff? Stuff to think about.

So the next time you hear the French say "stuff it" to us, ask them, exactly what "stuff" are you talking about?

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