Don't Vote for Gary Condit...

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Hi, I'm Bill O'Reilly. Thank you for watching us tonight.

We have a very busy broadcast for you this evening, including a report on a new book that blasts Jesse Jackson.

The big breaking story today was the arrival of seven American dead at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. We have to wonder what our so-called allies in Europe think about the sacrifice these men and their families have made. And how about our alleged friends in the Arab world? What do they think?

We'll talk with the chief foreign policy adviser for Saudi Arabia in just a moment.

But first, the Talking Points memo.

Don't vote for Gary Condit. As we speak, the California primary is under way. I have every confidence the good people on the Central Valley will toss Condit out of office. Now, I know some people get angry when a guy like me, a TV pundit, tells them how to vote. I understand. But in this case, the statement has to be made by every American, we simply cannot tolerate deceivers like Mr. Condit in our Congress.

Both the Levy family and the D.C. police say Condit was less than forthcoming in the disappearance of Chandra Levy, and since phone records show that Condit was one of the last people to speak with her, this is a huge indictment of his character. The matter is as simple as that.

We need high-caliber people in Congress, and Gary Condit fails that litmus test miserably. When approached by a Fox News reporter a few days ago, Condit snapped, "I don't talk to tabloids." Well, Gary, you don't talk to grieving parents and frustrated investigators either. What a disgrace.

Condit, of course, would never appear in a media forum where he would be taken to task. He is a true coward.

Which brings Talking Points to the final point. If you watch The Factor often, you know some public figures refuse to come on this broadcast, and our critics say we are harder on those who dodge than on those who don't. Well, that's true. Take Al Gore, for example. In the beginning of the presidential campaign, I was very interested in what Mr. Gore had to say. I had tons of questions for him, but he did not have enough guts to come on The Factor, while George W. Bush did.

So of course I have more respect for Bush than Gore.

Same thing with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Jackson runs every time he sees our cameras. Sharpton takes the fire. Both men know we're going to challenge them, and most likely will not agree. But Sharpton gets his message out, while Jackson looks like he has something to hide.

Public figures have an obligation to answer tough questions. Most of them want to control the interview, and some of our competitors allow that. We don't. So, yes, we are tougher on people who run, but we feel they deserve it. And we hope you feel that way too.

And that's the memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

Gary Condit's son, Chad, is managing Condit's campaign and still spinning like a cyclone. When asked what Condit will do if he loses the primary today, Chad Condit replied, "He's talking about going back into welding."

Since Condit's mouth has been welded shut about Chandra Levy, we think welding would be appropriate, as well as faintly ridiculous. I mean, who would let this guy into their house, OK?

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