Here's the one thing: The news is history. It's not what's happening, but what's happened and neither are important.

It's like: Yesterday, in New York, it was 67 degrees with thunderstorms that will continue through the following day. Down in Atlanta, it was 88 degrees; 92 in Miami, with scattered showers; high 60s in the upper Midwest.

Watch out, Texas! You hit 91 degrees yesterday. Comfortable out in the West; about 70-75 degrees.

Yesterday, a blistering 95 degrees in Phoenix.

You already got caught in the rain without an umbrella today — so what good is it to get that weather report tomorrow?

It's the same with news: It's over and done with. If you continually focus on what has already been done, you'll miss what is coming next.

It doesn't take a genius to see what's coming next; it only takes a change in perspective. Look at some of the stuff I saw coming:

November 2006: I spoke to Benjamin Netanyahu and said my biggest fear is an Iranian nuclear program

October 2006: First they will bail out the banks, then transportation, then energy

October 2007: Warned of economic tsunami

January 2008: Fallacy of ethanol

Two years ago: They're going to nationalize the banks

2007: Predicted Tom Brady would date a supermodel

Two years ago: Warned of depression and said we're heading toward European-style health care

September, 2004: Predicted New Orleans would be underwater if hurricane hit

1998: Actually listened to Usama bin Laden's words; predicted "blood in streets" of New York City

September, 2008: Barack Obama's march to socialism

Critics love to call me the "crazy guy." Why? Because I tell people they should be prepared for anything? Is there any difference between ABC News running a special called "Earth 2100': Is This the Final Century of Our Civilization?" and me running a "War Room" special talking about scenarios that are far more likely to occur?

Of course not — but there's no honest debate anymore. Americans are just accepting whatever is being fed to them.

When will people wake up? Instead of helplessly getting the old news, change your perspective and you might see what's actually coming our way.

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Here's a look at the economic forecast 5-10 years from now:

Tomorrow heavy crying, with a good chance you'll need a blanky.

Heading into the weekend, it's going to rain cats and dogs and there's going to be an M&Ms shower.

On Saturday, you'll be facing desperation all day long.

On Sunday, there will be total darkness with 10 percent humidity.

Then on Monday, scattered raping and pillaging, with an 8 percent chance of cannibalism.

OK, I realize those examples may make you not want to look at the future, but we need to start paying attention to the low-pressure systems that are peeking over the horizon today: GM bankruptcy; giant progressive health care; tobacco being regulated like crazy, and the "pay czar" now regulating the top 100 jobs in bailed-out companies.

If you don't notice these things, then the freedom-loving America you grew up with is going to be old news.

I could be wrong about some of this stuff and no one hopes they are wrong more than me.

You know those wacky weather guys are wrong sometimes too — actually they are wrong a lot of the time — and yet you still bring an umbrella when the forecast calls for rain.

If it doesn't rain? Great. If it does? Fine, you were ready.

Maybe if things will turn out fine and accumulating more debt in six months than in 30 years will be like sunshine and lollipops and the government will turn out to be the best automaker the world has ever seen.

But I'm not counting on it, so I've got my umbrella out.

If that makes me the crazy guy, fine. But don't say I didn't warn you.

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