While you're hurrying trying to get the last of your Christmas shopping done and keep your gifts a secret, the members of Congress are trying their best to pass a health care bill written in secret and a cap-and-tax bill that most Americans see as a lump of coal in the Christmas stocking or at best, a pair of white socks and an orange. It's like wanting an iPod and getting an 8-track tape player.

It's strange that Congress seems determined to focus on politics when most of the country isn't, but then again, that's precisely the point. They know that most Americans are trying to get ready for Christmas, not the apocalypse which is what some pundits say will happen if we pass the government health care bills and new taxes on all the energy we use. So they want to do what any magician does: have you looking in one direction while they perform their trick in the other. And it would take a magician to make some of their proposals work; like putting millions of new people in a government health plan, cutting benefits to old people, forcing young people to pay large amounts to help pay for the old people, exercising more government control over our doctor's decisions, having us pay into the system for three years before the benefits even start and then believing that we'll all love it.

I don't like at all what Congress is trying to do nor the way they are trying to do it, but I'm not going to let it ruin my Christmas and I hope you don't let it ruin yours. Politics and government may be important and certainly affects our lives, but it's not all there is.

Politics and government were pretty big things going on 2,000 years ago. There was this megalomaniac king named Herod who was obsessed with power and control who wanted to control everyone and made them show up to their ancestral towns to get counted in the Census, and people were pretty worked up about it. They were under occupation of a foreign government they didn't like, and their rights were being trampled on a daily basis. They thought all of that was the most important stuff there was, but strangely, the politics of first century Judea isn't what people will be talking about this week, but rather the story of the birth of a child by an unwed teen mother in a very unlikely place: a little cave where sheep and goats were kept.

My guess is that 2,000 years from now, people won't think the most important thing in their lives is what Barack Obama, Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi did, they will still be talking about the baby in Bethlehem. So maybe we ought to do the same.

It's Christmas. It's still important. Don't let anything ruin it for you. Merry Christmas.

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