Don Hewitt and the gang at 60 Minutes were evidently watching My Word Friday night when I got all excited about the ingrate Kuwaitis.

I know that because last night 60 Minutes did the same story. I guess they'd been working on it before Friday because they had a lot of stuff in it. But the point is, America is now waking up to who its friends are … and guess what? None of them are in the Middle East, evidently.

The Saudis, Kuwaitis and Egyptians all have governments that oppress their people, and allow only one form of free speech — the anti-American kind. Tell you what Mr. Saudi, Mr., Kuwait, Mr. Egypt, ask the Afghans.

Ask the Afghans who it is they are thankful to today. Is it the pious Saudis who gave them Usama? Is the ingrate Kuwaitis, who did nothing but sell a bunch of oil and sit on the silk cushions mouthing off about America? Was it the Egyptians, who swallow the mullah's anti-American propaganda as if it were falafel and pita?

No. It was the hated Americans, who bombed the Taliban to a century way before the prophet, and liberated Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif and other places. Ask the Afghans why they can now play music, watch TV, sell stuff and buy stuff. Ask the Afghan women why they can now burn her burqas, and go work to feed their kids.

Ask the people who were oppressed by the Taliban's lunatic seventh century vision of the future — the same people who worry more about veils than they do about sewer systems, or schools, or the natural curiosity of the human mind.

Oh, come on. This is all so stupid. Everybody bitching about America is just transferring the guilt of the bad situation in the entire Middle East from their own backs, their own governments, their own laziness, their own backwardness, their own greed, their own unwillingness to help people like the Palestinians ... they're transferring all of that guilt to America — the one-size-fits-all bull's-eye.

As a Muslim Pakistani writer put it last week: The future is not hijacking 767s. The future is building them.

So when is that going to sink in?

That's My Word.

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