Perhaps you saw me losing my temper Wednesday. I did.

That guy Rob Boston made me furious for calling me a liar about what I said in my book, and then admitting he hadn't read it.

He also said I said things I haven't said, and condemned me for it.

He appeared on the show because a more civilized person from Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Barry Lynn, couldn't make it. I think Barry has grown tired of losing debates with me so he sent out his forensic knee capper, a goon really, to blatantly call me a liar thinking he could get away with it by pure repetition.

I have a long fuse, but not when you lie about me and compound the offense by calling me a liar.

For the record, the stories in the book are true. I obtained the documents. I personally interviewed everybody involved except those people, like the ACLU, who refused to speak to me. I wrote every word in the book with my own ten fingers on my own keyboard.

No lies in the book. None.

Yet all kinds of people have found it acceptable to say, "Gibson is wrong, but I haven't read his book."

How can they know I'm wrong if they don't know what I'm saying?

This is a smear campaign by the very people conducting the war on Christmas. It is the organization of the guy who appeared Wednesday which works so hard to ban Christmas in schools and libraries and public parks and city halls by declaring the Christmas tree and Santa to be religious symbols of Christianity when the Supreme Court itself says they are secular symbols which can be displayed anywhere, even on public property.

And now this episode is floating around on the hate and smear blogs and I have a flood of e-mail from people who also haven't read the book and never watch this show saying, "You are a liar and there is no war on Christmas and I despise you."

Nice. The very essence of Christian kindness and charity, wouldn't you say?

In fact, these are the only people I have ever encountered who actually do use Merry Christmas as an insult, as an assault. Their denial of the war on Christmas is like the guy who hits you in the face and tells you it was a kiss.

Sure doesn't feel like it.

That's My Word.

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