Donald Trump Picks Sean Yazbeck as New 'Apprentice'

The latest "Apprentice" selected by Donald Trump did not just win a high-paying job, he also found a fiancee on the NBC reality show.

Trump chose Sean Yazbeck, a London-born recruitment consultant, over 22-year-old Lee Bienstock, a business analyst who lives in New York City.

"Lee, you're fired. Sean, you're hired," announced Trump at the live finale Monday night in Los Angeles, where the sixth season of the show will take place.

Yazbeck, 33, disclosed that he plans to marry another season five contestant, Tammy Trenta, a 33-year-old wealth manager. They began dating during the filming of the show.

The newly dubbed "Apprentice," who lives in Miami, claimed — as he drove away in a new car — that he would make Trump proud.

"I'm going to show you as soon as possible that you made the right decision," he said. "I'm going to work my fingers to the bone and I'm going to make you richer than you are already."

Yazbeck will oversee the development of the Trump International Hotel and Tower, a 50-story condominium hotel in New York expected to be completed in 2008.

Season five of "The Apprentice" was the first in which international contestants could compete. The NBC show has gradually declined in the ratings, this season averaging about 10 million viewers an episode.

As perhaps an attempt to mimic Fox's "American Idol," viewers were able to vote for their favorite finalist, the results of which Trump said he would consider in making his decision. On Monday, voting favored Yazbeck.