And now the most awe-inspiring two minutes in television, the latest from the wartime grapevine:

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Life Is Hard
Kevlar -- the hard plastic fiber -- seems to have saved the lives of at least four coalition soldiers. As FOX News correspondent Greg Kelly, who is with the Army's 3rd Infantry Division, reported earlier, three American soldiers were shot last night by Saddam's Fedayeen, but they sustained no injuries because of to their Kevlar protective vests. In addition, Sky News reports that Royal Marine Commando Eric Walderman was shot four times in the head by Iraqi fighters inside Iraq's port of Umm Qasr, but his helmet's Kevlar shell stopped all four bullets, while doing some obvious damage to its camouflgage cover.

Refugee Referee
IRNA, the Iranian news agency, is reporting that Saddam's guards are preventing Iraqi people from leaving Baghdad "in order to make use of them as human shield[s]." Meanwhile, the same Iranian news agency is reporting that the Iraqi Ambassador to Moscow, Abbas Khalaf, has called on Russian officials to halt humanitarian aid deliveries to Iraq. The ambassador said no such aid is needed in Iraq.

Public Responds to Anti-War Protesters
A new FOX News Opinion Dynamics poll out today finds that 63 percent of Americans think of anti-war protesters unfavorably, compared with 23 percent who view them favorably. Could scenes like this one, photographed at a March 15 protest in San Francisco, have contributed to their unpopularity? In case you can't read it, the sign says, "We support our troops when they shoot their officers."

Dolphin Deployment
And PETA -- the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals -- has issued a statement opposing the U.S. Navy's deployment of dolphins to find mines in the Persian Gulf. The statement says, "The Navy claims they are not putting these animals in harm's way, but they've removed these animals from their homes...and are forcing them to not only inspect the waters but to actually swim up to potential terrorists under the water, clamp a cuff on their leg, and deploy a floating marker....These [dolphins] are living beings with minds of their own, and though they are incredibly intelligent, they have no idea that lives will be lost if they fail to perform tasks properly....The animals and our troops deserve better."