Pete Doherty was handed a suspended four-month jail sentence Friday for a series of drug and driving offenses.

The 28-year-old rocker, whose drug use has frequently landed him in court, was fined $800 for driving without insurance and $154 for not having a valid inspection certificate for his car.

Appearing at West London Magistrates Court, Doherty was also placed under court supervision for 18 months and given a 12-month drug treatment order.

"You have made strides and I hope you will continue in doing so. I would hate to see you going backwards," district Judge Davinder Lachhar told Doherty, who was cheered by a gaggle of fans as he left the courthouse.

Doherty was released from a drug treatment order after satisfying a judge at another court Wednesday that he would continue his efforts to beat addiction.

He was arrested in May and subsequently pleaded guilty to possession of crack cocaine, heroin, ketamine and cannabis, and a variety of driving offenses.

The singer was arrested again in August for allegedly breaching bail conditions by possessing drugs, but that charge was dropped because police failed to meet a deadline for bringing him to court.

Doherty, best known as the on-off boyfriend of Kate Moss, fronts a band called Babyshambles.