It's a case of life imitating "Lassie."

A family says its quick-thinking pooch saved a Long Island woman's life by alerting the household after she suffered a violent seizure in the shower, the New York Post reported Monday.

Debra Lowery, 21, suffered serious burns on her face after collapsing and losing consciousness early Saturday inside her Selden home — but escaped more serious injury thanks to Gangsta, the family Pomeranian.

"From my room, I heard the dog barking, yelping, Yip! Yip! Yip!" said dad James Lowery, 54, whose two oldest daughters, Debra and Denise, suffer from epilepsy.

The concerned dad asked Denise, 24, to check on Debra.

"I run upstairs . . . and [Debra's] floating in the tub. Her face was right under the faucet, and the water was just pouring on her face," Denise said.

SOURCE LINK: New York Post