Doesn't Congress Have Real Work to Do?

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Democrats in Congress have absorbed the latest polling of the American people, which shows that the approval of Congress, run by Democrats, is lower than the approval of Bush, the guy with the war on his resume.

You might wonder about those results. Why would Congress be held in lower repute than the guy who allegedly started an unwise, unfounded, and un-legal war? Well today might offer an explanation.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich, the vegan, put forward impeachment papers on Vice President Dick Cheney. Now this is a stone winner with the far, far left. If there's anybody they hate more than George W. Bush, it's Dick Cheney.

As the logic goes, Cheney is the real brains behind the operation and Bush just goes along with him, evidently because Cheney has cast a spell on Bush.

Congressman Kucinich condemned Cheney for the war, for robbing us of our rights, and for threatening war against Iran. He also said Cheney was subversive to the Constitution.

Kucinich put forward the resolution with the support of 22 House members. Considering there are 435, that's not a lot. Then there was a vote and the motion ended up tabled, which means set aside.

So is Dick Cheney even on the top 50 list of really important things to do for this Congress?

If you are for children's health and blame Bush, you might have been taken aback by today's spectacle of uselessness. Even if you are against the war and for defunding the war effort, this must have looked like the vapid leading the hollow. All show, grade "C" bombast, and no result worth mentioning.

At the end of the day, Cheney's still vice president and people still see the Democrat Congress isn't worth the trouble to think about. After all, just because they waste their time doesn't mean you have to waste yours.

That's My Word.

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