A quick trip around Hannity's America...

Misplaced Priorities

Questions continue to be raised over President Obama's handling of the war in Afghanistan. Despite an uptick in the violence there, the administration has asked the top U.S. commander on the ground to delay his request for more troops.

This new stall tactic by the White House is a far cry from the rhetoric that Senator Obama used on the campaign trail:


THEN-SENATOR BARACK OBAMA, JUNE 18, 2008: We need to take more resources and put them into Afghanistan. I've been arguing for this since 2002 when I said we should finish the fight against Al Qaeda and the Taliban instead of going into Iraq.

It's time to finally take out Al Qaeda's top leadership and to finish the fight in Afghanistan.


That's not exactly the type of commitment that we're hearing from Barack Obama now that he's president. In fact, Sunday on "60 Minutes," General Stanley McChrystal revealed just how involved the president is when it comes to Afghanistan:


DAVID MARTIN, "60 MINUTES" CORRESPONDENT: How often do you talk to the president?

GEN. STANLEY MCCHRYSTAL, U.S. COMMANDER OF NATO FORCES IN AFGHANISTAN: I've talked to the president since I've been here once on a VTC.

MARTIN: You talked to him once in 70 days?

MCCHRYSTAL: That's correct.


It sounds to me like the president is more concerned about bringing the Olympics to Chicago than winning the war in Afghanistan.

The Truth Comes Out

Democrats are no longer hiding the fact that they want illegal immigrants to be covered in their health care plan.

California Congressman Mike Honda is leading the charge of about 20 Democrats who say it is unfair to prohibit illegals from receiving health care coverage. Honda said, "Undocumented [residents] if they can afford it, should be able to buy their own private plans. It keeps them out of the emergency room."

But Iowa Congressman Steve King is not buying it. He told The Washington Times, "If anybody can with a straight face advocate that we should provide health insurance for people who broke into our country, broke our law and for the most part are criminals, I don't know where they ever would draw the line."

I guess Congressman Joe Wilson was right all along, wasn't he?

He Said, He Said

The saga involving New York Governor David Paterson and President Barack Obama continued over the weekend. During an appearance on "Meet the Press," Paterson denied that President Obama explicitly told him not to run in 2010:


GOVERNOR DAVID PATERSON, D-N.Y. : I'm blind but I'm not oblivious. I realize that there are people who don't want me to run. I've never gotten an explicit indication authorized from the White House that I shouldn't run.


In no uncertain terms, Paterson told David Gregory that he would be on the ballot in 2010. He also said that New Yorkers are the ones who should choose their governor.

I think that means, Mr. President, butt out. Stay out of it.

Cheap Shot

"Law & Order" kicked off its 20th season on NBC Friday and it appears that the peacock network's left-leaning views have rubbed off on television's longest running drama.

On the premiere, the New York district attorney –- played by Sam Waterston — announced his intention to prosecute a former member of the Bush administration:


ACTOR SAM WATERSON AS D.A. JACK MCCOY: This memo he wrote for the Department of Justice laid out the legal architecture permitting the abuse of prisoners.

ACTOR LINUS ROACHE AS EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT D.A. MICHAEL CUTTER: Jack, you want to prosecute a member of the Bush administration for assaulting suspected terrorists?

WATERSON: The word is torturing. And yes, it's about time somebody did.


Congratulations to NBC, the Obama network. They were able to find a way to politicize even "Law & Order." I never thought I'd see the day.

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