Document Found in Zarqawi Safehouse Reinforces U.S. Successes in Iraq

I must say, the angry left even had me thinking the war in Iraq is a mess, what with the seemingly constant bombings.

I differed, of course, on whether the war was right and necessary in the first place. I think it was, and they don't.

But now it turns out the terrorist Zarqawi has proved the angry left wrong, and convinced me that the Iraq war isn't quite the mess the big media would like us to believe.

The proof is in the text of a document found in an Al Qaeda safehouse that was either written by Zarqawi or is analysis provided to him by his terror team.

It says: Despite the gloomy present situation, the terrorists' best hope is to involve America in a war with another country. The reason is that America has been effective in fighting the terrorists and time is starting to work against Al Qaeda.

The document then goes on to lay out several lists of the terrorists' problems. They are best summed up this way: The American strategy is working. The best way for the terrorists to win is for the American forces to leave.

Of course, that could be accomplished by a Kerry-Murtha style pullout or, as Al Qaeda envisioned, somehow promoting a war between the U.S. and someone else — let's say Iran — which would tie up the U.S. troops elsewhere.

It's not clear if Zarqawi himself or some close adviser wrote the captured document, but it does show that the plan America has been using in Iraq has been working and has produced what the terrorists think is a bad situation for them.

What that means is that we should keep it up. We should not impose a deadline that gives terrorists an idea of how long they have to hang in before the coast is clear.

The Iraqis and President Bush are right to be encouraged by the news revealed in the captured document. It is good news all round, unless people were hoping things were not going well for America in Iraq because a disaster there produces good political results here.

Some people do think that. They don't like to admit it, but they do harbor those dark thoughts. They should banish those thoughts now and come over to the side of right thinking.

The dead Zarqawi seems to be saying we're winning.

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