Jessica BIshop had such severe scoliosis that doctors feared she would become paralyzed or die.

But, Jessica, 14, can finally stand up straight and walk with her head held high after undergoing an 11-hour surgery where surgeons corrected the curve of her spine, London's Daily Mail reported.

Jessica’s spine was twisted by 90 degrees, ultimately crushing her lungs which were only working at 60 percent capacity. Doctors feared her heart was at risk because her ribs were putting unnecessary pressure on her arteries.

Jessica, of Kidderminster, Worcester in England, said she could only walk by shuffling sideways and in order to sleep, she would have to prop herself up on five pillows.

However, after undergoing the operation, Jessica has gained two inches and she looks forward to playing the guitar and drums, which she could not do before the surgery.

Metal plates inserted during the surgery should prevent further curvature.

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