Doctors Refuse Mom's Request to Remove Disabled Daughter's Womb

Doctors have refused a U.K. mother's request to remove her daughter's womb because they fear a negative backlash from some charities, the mother told the Daily Mail.

Alison Thorpe, 45, asked doctors to remove her daughter Katie's womb to prevent the "pain, discomfort and indignity" of menstruation.

Katie is severely disabled and has limited communication abilities. Her mother uses a wheelchair to transport her to doctors' appointments.

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Thorpe's request to have her daughter sterilized sparked criticism from disabled support groups, such as the U.K. nonprofit Scope, which said the experience would be "very painful and traumatic" for Katie and was "not medically necessary."

Katie's plight echoes the controversial case of 9-year-old Ashley X of Seattle who underwent breast bud removal and hormone treatment to keep her child-like and easier for her parents to care for. Click here for more on Ashley X.