Doctors in Las Vegas Hepatitis Probe Ordered Not to Practice

A Carson City, Nev., judge blocked a second Las Vegas doctor linked to a hepatitis C outbreak from practicing medicine on Wednesday, reports The Mercury News.

The temporary restraint is pending resolution of a 10-count state Board of Medical Examiners complaint against Dr. Eladio Carrera, a worker and co-owner of the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada, reports the newspaper.

On Tuesday, Clark County District Judge James Bixler also ordered a temporary restraint against Dr. Dipak Desai, who has been running the Endoscopy Center, as well as other health clinics.

Several patients made complaints to the Board of Medical Examiners after they were treated at the endoscopy center by Desai and Carrera and were subsequently diagnosed with hepatitis C.

After the outbreak, health officials advised tens of thousands of patients treated at the endoscopy center to be tested for hepatitis and HIV.

The infections are being blamed on the reuse of needles and vials of medication on multiple patients.

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