Thanks to doctors at the University of Miami, a mother can finally see her baby’s face.

Jordan Jamal Smith was born with a nearly two-pound tumor, which contained liquid and tissue and protruded from his mouth. It covered his entire face, the Miami Herald reported.

PHOTOS: Massive Tumors (Warning: Graphic)

The tumor, called an epignathus teratoma, almost killed Jordan during pregnancy and during the birth. Jordan’s mother, Kimberly Robinson, was advised to abort the pregnancy, as an ultrasound showed the tumor.

Doctors said the tumor would suffocate the baby, or if he survived, cause mental retardation. But Robinson held firm – she believed her baby would “be OK.”

When Jordan was born on March 25, by Caesarean section, pediatric otolaryngologist Dr. Ramzi Younis cut away the tumor in a six-hour procedure.

“Thirty-five percent of his own weight was sitting on his face,” Younis said.

Today, Jordan is healing well and he should be able to go home next week.

“It’s a miracle,” Robinson said. “Every day is like, wow.”

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