Doctor: Dead Conjoined Twin Did Not Receive Adequate Post-Op Care

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There are new details about what may have led to the death of a Nepalese conjoined twin who was separated from her sister during a grueling marathon operation in 2001, Agence France- Presse reported.

Ganga Shrestha, 8, died July 29 at the Model Hospital in Katmandu, three days after being admitted for treatment of a severe chest infection, Dr. Basanta Pant said last week.

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Pant said in remarks published Thursday that Singapore surgeons who operated on the twins eight years ago had not provided adequate post-operative care for the sisters, according to the AFP report.

"Have the twins been given the best care? The answer is no," Pant was quoted as saying.

The twins did not receive adequate physical and occupational therapy, Pant said, adding that doctors had failed to bring the girls back to Singapore as promised to repair their skulls.

Ganga had been described as the weaker of the twins and had not made satisfactory progress since the nearly 100-hour operation to separate their fused brains took place in April 2001 in Singapore by a team of 20 doctors.

Ganga and her twin, Jamuna, were 10 months old when the surgery took place. Four years ago, during a follow-up visit, doctors in Singapore expressed concerns that the twins were malnourished, weak and needed to grow.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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