Do We Need Warning Labels on Soda?

Chinese food is bad for you. So is Mexican. Ditto Italian. Fast food? Forget about it. Salt? Bad. I mean, bad for some more than others. Caffeine? Depends on what study you look at. The sun? Like alcohol, it’s good in moderation. I think. Wear sunscreen just in case. Even when you are indoors.

It’s hard to keep track of all the studies warning us that this, that, or the other thing will kill us if we aren’t careful. One thing is for sure; we aren’t getting out of this world alive.

So just accept it and go enjoy your favorite soda. Oh wait. Check that.

There is a new study showing that a common preservative in soda, sodium benzoate, can cause damage to our cells. Actually, it can allegedly shut off parts of our DNA. Excuse me?? SHUT OFF part of our DNA?? That sounds pretty hard-core. The illnesses linked to this kind of cell damage include Parkinson’s and other neuro-degenerative diseases.

Sodium Benzoate appears naturally in foods like berries, but the preservative is added in larger quantities to many sodas to prevent mold developing in the sealed cans.

Great. Just when I was about to pour myself another cola, I had to read a story like this.

Maybe Mom was right. Drink water. It’s good for you. Well, as long as it’s filtered. Wait. Studies have shown that even bottled water isn’t all that great for you.

Maybe I will just let the saliva slowly trickle down my throat and drink that. It’s natural, right? That will be the next thing they find bad for you.