Tonight President Obama will try to convince America that this spending package is what we have to do. But here's The One Thing: Since this financial mess began, there have been screams for everyone to do something right now, but fighting that impulse is often our best move.

Boy, don't you wish you had that $700 billion back from that TARP package? Let me give you three examples from some other areas of life and you'll see what I mean.

Everyone saw Captain 'Sully' on "60 Minutes" Sunday night, so let's start with an example from an airplane.

If the plane is spinning out of control, a pilot's natural instinct is to pull back on the stick. But if they pull up, they only make it worse. Pilots need to fight that natural instinct and actually push down on the stick and into the spin, and that's what will pull the plane out of the spin. It's hard to fight that instinct, but that's the only way to survive.

Second example: If you see somebody who has been in a car accident, your first thought might be to try to get them out of the vehicle. But if you really want to help, doctors tell us you don't want to move them, because moving someone with a head or neck injury can actually make the injury much, much worse.

And this one drives me crazy: I teach my kids about this all the time. Have you ever been around people who never seem to want to make a decision? And they're like, "Oh, I just don't want to make a decision," so they do nothing. Some people would say they are procrastinating or being irresponsible. But they actually have made a decision, because choosing to do nothing is a decision and it has consequences.

So, as strange as it might seem at first, doing nothing is doing something. And it may be the something we should do right now.

I know it goes against your instinct, like it does with a pilot, but you should do the opposite of what people are telling you to do and — I think — what your gut wants you to do.

I only wish the government and their progressive friends learned that lesson before they started making short-sighted decisions that will likely turn this recession into something far, far worse.

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