A Republican sweep of the White House and control of Congress hasn't stopped the Democratic National Committee's (search) fund raising.

The DNC announced Tuesday that it had raised at least $13 million in November. The total includes $10 million collected after the Nov. 2 election in which President Bush (search) won a second term and Republicans strengthened their House and Senate majorities.

Due in part to growth in fund-raising over the Internet, the DNC raised more this election cycle than it did before corporate, union and big individual donations known as soft money were outlawed by a 2002 law.

The committee raised at least $400 million in the 2003-04 election cycle, compared to $210 million in 1999-2000, the last presidential election cycle in which it could collect unlimited donations.

Now, the national Democratic and Republican party committees can only collect up to $25,000 a year from each individual donor or political action committee.

The DNC finished November with no debt. The organization, the Republican Party and presidential and congressional campaigns will release details on November fund raising and spending in reports to the Federal Election Commission (search) due Thursday.