Authorities say DNA tests show a headless, armless skeleton found along the Des Plaines River in Illinois last week was from an unidentified male.

Wednesday's announcement by the Illinois State Police ends speculation that the remains were related to the high-profile Will County missing persons cases of Stacy Peterson or Lisa Stebic.

The Will County coroner has said the person was dead for several months or more. Results of an autopsy last week were inconclusive.

Authorities say an investigation into the corpse's identity is ongoing. The rib cage, spinal column and partial left and right femur bones were found.

Reem Odeh, a member of Drew Peterson's legal team, released the following statement in response to authorities identifying the body as that of a man:

"There was a lot of speculation that the body was that of Stacy Peterson, and Stacy's family was notified about the discovery. This isn't the first time the media has jumped to conclusions and tried to solve a case based on incomplete information.

We can take no joy or relief in the fact that it isn't her because some family somewhere will be grieving. But we hope this invigorates a global search for Stacy and brings attention to the fact that she is still missing. Her family misses her and wants her to come home."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.