Dissing the Dish

I am so sorry. So, so, so, so terribly sorry. OK, not that sorry, but I do apologize for bailing on the blog. Dissing the "Dish," as my co-host Mike suggested. I'm new to the whole blogging thing; that said, I promise to be more regimented.

I do enjoy reading your e-mails, and I love writing. If you want to know the honest truth, I'm in the middle of selling my house, buying a new place and for the past two weeks, have been slightly overwhelmed with paint samples, fixing furniture, etc. I'm optimistic when I leave work, telling myself I'll do the blog while sitting on my couch eating dinner. But... I've come to the conclusion I'm a lazy human being once the whistle blows at work.

We've had some pretty wild shows in the past couple of weeks — the larger audiences (spring, warm weather, lots of street traffic) really add to the show. As I've said before, if you're in the NYC area, please join us. Call 1-877-FOX-TKTS. Tickets are free, but priceless, if we do say so ourselves.

Now, some viewer e-mail on our show today:

“If Debra Lafave goes free, the confidence in our public schools will be irreparably eroded. A measure of confidence will be restored when she is given the maximum sentence for the corruption of our nation's youth. Her acts affected not just one student; it affected all students in this country. It helped to tear down respect for and confidence in all teachers also. This case is huge.”
Fay F.
Nashville, TN

Actually, I'm more inclined to say the confidence in our judicial system will erode. The kid's mom isn't keen on letting her son testify. No kid, no case.

Regarding some, um, inappropriate comments (unintentional) by Mike and me during the M&J "Tornado Kid" segment:

“I'm still laughing my arse off by what you said...”
Take care,
Charlie C.

Thank you for making me feel like I didn't completely offend our audience, Charlie. Without getting into the details of my comment, I was talking to the kid who was sucked "up" into a tornado, carried over 1,000 feet and survived. Let's just say I accidentally used a word other than "up." I turned beet red, and continue to feel mortification beyond words.

Thank goodness for Mike saving the day. He told the 19-year-old kid the interview would be better if he'd been knocked out by a flying lamp, or something to that effect. Mike of course was joking, but the audience turned on poor ol' Jerrick (HA!) and started booing. It got ugly. Chairs were thrown... No, just kidding. Anyway, remember it's live — there is no rehearsal beforehand and sometimes: a) I have blonde moments and b) so does Mike. Three and a half years together my dingy-ness is bound to rub off.

Another comment from a not-so-adoring viewer:

“The March 21, 2006, interview with the kid that was injured in a tornado: It's too bad you two can take a story where people died, lost their homes and were injured and turn it into a JOKE. Sitting there laughing and pretending like you were in a tornado... what imbeciles. How unprofessional you two looked, you should be ashamed and embarrassed, but I bet you're not. Today was the first and last time I will watch your show, if I want stupidity I'll watch "Dumb & Dumber" at least they're funny, you two are NOT.”
Sheree J.
Polk Co., MO

Going to get back on track with the blog, I promise!


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