So it is clear the opponents of the war have decided that they were just ahead of their time when they tried to use the slogan "Bush lied" to get John Kerry (search) elected.

They still see nothing wrong with that approach and they're going to use it in '06.

In fact, they're making great progress. They got 20 points of Bush's support peeled away, they managed to get the vice president's right-hand man put on trial and that amounts to putting the war and Cheney and Bush on trial. So it's a win-win and maybe a win for the midterm elections.

But you know they are being more than a little disingenuous with all this Bush lied stuff.

If they were to follow the logical track of this argument, they would inevitably wind up at a certain place. A place they are frightened to go and you'll never hear one of them say it because it exposes the stupidity of their argument.

The logical place the Bush lied argument leads is ok, if Bush lied and the war was wrong, then the only sensible thing to support is a return to the status quo before the war.

We do have control of Saddam Hussein (search). He is in our jail. We can open the door and let him go. We'll leave Iraq making Cindy Sheehan (search) happy and Saddam can take over his country and pick up where he left off.

That is the logical destination of the Bush lied argument. But you'll never hear any Dem go there because it's absurd and they know it.

The world is better without Saddam and the Dems don't want to turn the donkey into an ass by suggesting we just roll back the clock by cutting Saddam loose.

They also don't want you to realize where their argument goes. It's better to just shout, "Bush lied, there are no WMDs," and let it go at that. Nobody wants to start chanting "Free Saddam, free Saddam."

But if they believe Bush lied and the war is wrong, that's precisely where they should be going in their rhetoric.

But they won't because it's wrong and they know it. And it would be seen as wrong and that would lead to widespread suspicion about their stupid Bush lied chant.

Bush said regime change, we want Saddam out.

He's out. We won. Now we just have to find our way home.

That's My Word.

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