Hollywood will once again destroy the world just in time for the summer movie season.

20th Century Fox (search) — a sister company to Fox News — releases "The Day After Tomorrow" later this week. The movie depicts worldwide disasters triggered by a massive climate shift brought about by global warming.

The movie not only is full of special effects and dramatic license, it has also caught the eye of environmentalists like former Vice President Al Gore (search), who held what was billed as a "town hall meeting" to discuss the topic in connection to the film. Gore admits that the movie uses only a tiny bit of science to back its grand assertions, but that didn't stop him from taking a whack at political opponents and declaring future doom under current environmental policies.

"We are conducting an uncontrolled experiment with the entire planet and the consequences can be utterly catastrophic. And according to the scientific community — will be — unless we make changes," he said on Tuesday before the movie's premiere.

But scientists who are persuaded by current data that global warming (search) is a real phenomenon say they worry the movie cries wolf.

"If the effects of global warming were this spectacular, I don't think there would be any policy debate," said John Pike, head of Globalsecurity.org.

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