'Disabled' Bodybuilding Firefighter Now Unemployed

The Boston Fire Department says a firefighter who entered a bodybuilding competition while out on disability leave no longer has his job after he failed to return to work.

Department spokesman Steve MacDonald says the 46-year-old Albert Arroyo was ordered to return to work with the Fire Prevention Division by Monday. Because he did not, MacDonald says the department believes he "voluntarily separated from his job."

Arroyo had filed for a disability pension in April, claiming he suffered a career-ending back injury. But in May, he competed in a national bodybuilding competition.

MacDonald said the department stopped paying Arroyo on July 21. A day later, Arroyo sent a letter saying he would not return until his own doctor cleared him for work.

Arroyo has 10 days to appeal the loss of his job.

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