Dinosaur... or Diamond?

Five billion dollars for a newspaper.

I know Dow Jones is a heck of a lot more than a newspaper.

It's the Wall Street Journal.

And Barron's.

And MarketWatch.

And so much more.

But it's largely known for that newspaper — for that Wall Street Journal.

A bible, but to some, a dinosaur. And certainly not worth the 5 billion smackers my boss Rupert Murdoch is paying for it.

Because we're told print is dead and newspapers are really dead.

So the experts say.

The same experts who no doubt dismissed an Aussie's chances of making a media go of it in this country. Who laughed off FOX. Laughed off FOX bidding for football. And really laughed off FOX trying its hand at news.

They were wrong. And he was right.

They never apologized. He never gloated.

They say he's at it again. He just smiles again. Convinced that content is still king and Dow Jones offers a lot of great content.

He sees the diamond — most just the rough.

But I guess that's what's made him a billionaire and them... not.

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