So word comes flying into the Fox world headquarters today that the U.S. killed 40 people at a wedding party in Iraq.

Bad deal. We do seem to shoot up a lot of wedding parties in places like Afghanistan and Iraq... wonder what it is about weddings in those places? What would make American pilots so consistently mistake wedding guests for bad guys with big guns trying to shoot down their fighter jets?

It always looks so bad... young couple, some kind of wedding cake, festive outfits and then out of the blue — here come the Americans with their big bombs.

Then a fact or two begins to emerge...

The American military says that at 3 a.m., coalition forces hit a suspected foreign fighter safe house in the open desert 20 miles from the Syrian border.

While swooping in, they came under fire and ground forces later discovered a stash of weapons, bundles of money, foreign passports and a satcom radio (search).

True... all these items could be present at a wedding, but doesn't it stretch credulity — unless you're French — that a gathering of armed men firing their weapons at fighter jets at 3 a.m. are happy wedding-goers?

Is it possible that when conducting operations against Americans, it's handy to keep a bride and a groom around in case a cover story is necessary?

Before you start worrying too much about how this makes America look... forget it. Most of the world thinks we're so bad, we couldn't scrub it off in a carwash.

Just remember, this group may have been just what the Americans suspected — insurgents and terrorists.

That's My Word.

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