Did Darren Mack Try to Make Contact With Me?

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Under my favorite headline, "never dull" — and because I promised you the behind the scenes — here is yesterday: I began receiving calls and e-mails yesterday from someone who claims to be in touch with fugitive Darren Mack. Mack is wanted for killing his wife and is a suspect in the sniper shooting of a Reno judge. The e-mailer/caller told me that Mack wants to talk to me.

I was mildly interested in the e-mails and calls, but figured it was either a hoax or someone who might be troubled. Hence I ignored the e-mails for a good bit of time.

After a while — and after some persistence by the e-mailer — the temptation got too big and I finally bit and e-mailed the e-mailer to call me. He did... many, many, many times. You have no idea how many calls I received from him... and of course the others he asked to call me. Yes, my voice mail is now full. The calls all set forth an unusual requirement with which I had to comply before the fugitive Darren Mack would talk to me. With all the unusual calls, as well as unusual requirements I had to meet, I then figured that this was not legitimate and ignored it. I had no way of knowing for sure... and why would fugitive Mack contact someone to contact me? And why the odd requirements? So, I ignored it all and figured this was the end of story... sort of.

About two hours before our show last night I got a voicemail from someone claiming to be from the Reno Police Department. I returned that call and spoke to the detective who had placed the call. The detective told me that she heard that Mack was trying to reach me. How did she hear this? I said I did not believe it to be true that he wanted to reach me. The detective seemed to have a different opinion — she did not have all the calls I had! The detective asked me to call her if I heard from the fugitive Mack.

Bottom line: This is just an example where we sometimes get lured into a wild goose chase. We can't ignore what purports to be tips, but we can get some bum tips. I spent way too much time on this matter last night... and it all led exactly nowhere. Of course you heard nothing about this once the show started since it was, as noted, a wild goose chase.

And here is an update on the Darren Mack case: This note appeared in our FOX News internal computer/communication system this morning:

The FBI attache in Mexico City tells FOX News that Darren Mack has been arrested. He gave himself up to Mexican immigration officials early this morning (just after midnight). He is in custody in Puerto Vallarta and is waiting for a plane to take him back to the United States.

I spent the last 24 hours in New York City... I went to there to speak to the summer interns. I am not sure how many interns we have in our New York summer intern program, but the room had more than 100 there to listen and to ask me questions. I had two tough acts to follow: last week Shepard Smith talked to them and the week before our CEO Roger Ailes spoke. It is downhill from those two....

I had a quick dinner with Alan Colmes and his wife before both our shows... I was stunned at what more than one restaurant patron did to Alan while we were eating. More than one person approached our table or walked by, announced that he was a conservative and then took a verbal swipe at Alan. While one guy stood at our table, Alan "missed" a few walkers by and comments. I did not. I heard them. Alan was at all times gracious as the people insulted him. I don't think some people even "got" that they were insulting. Some comments were just plain dumb. I suspect some of the insulters were too thick-headed to realize that some of the comments — not to mention the way they were delivered — were extremely bad manners. An example: "I like Sean, but you are questionable." (Don't tell me it was meant to be funny. I was there. I saw the facial expression and heard the delivery. It was poor manners at best.) I don't think I could be as nice as Alan under the circumstances. Alan is a gentleman and politely smiled and acted as though the insults were water off a duck's back. I admire Alan for the way he handled the situation. I was stunned by how rude some people were — right in front of his wife and me... and in a restaurant. Whether you agree with someone or not, you should not be so rude as to approach the person at dinner in a restaurant and just hurl an insult. What's with that?

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Dear Greta,
I was staying with my cousin and her family a few weeks ago in Derwood, MD and when I went out to my car, I noticed that half the mailbox was in the middle of the road. Apparently some kids had taken bats to the mailboxes the night before and must have never been caught, since almost all the mailboxes on the street were either damaged or destroyed. I honestly think that the kids who did this should be brought to justice and made to pay for the damage caused... Why should all these families have to go out and buy new mail boxes? It truly angers me that they weren't caught. Is there something we can do to make it a law where you cannot damage other people's property, even if it's just a mail box?
Amanda L.
Portland, TX

E-mail No. 2

Dear Greta,
I enjoyed the story about the adopted Florida state sandwich: "Fluffernutter." My sister's cats were named "Fluffernutter" and "Fizzywig." Fluffernutter used to love to sit on top of my sister's tall antique hutch and attack her wig when she walked by... it was very funny. The Connecticut kitty, under house arrest, looked like Fizzywig. My sister talks to her cats. She says and does things only a kitty could understand.
Peter Cornwell
Austin, TX

Check out this article below. On Tuesday night we reported that the girl had been kidnapped. Shortly after our show, we learned what had happened:

Amber Alert canceled; Asian teen found in South Haven, Miss.

Here is a story from my home state and it too falls under the headline "never dull":

Man charged with taking pictures up girls' skirts

Former UA, NFL receiver Theo Bell dies

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