Dick Cheney Attends Gridiron Club Dinner

Vice President Dick Cheney took the place of his boss at Saturday's annual Gridiron Club dinner in Washington, poking fun at the president and the former occupant of his own job.

Cheney said President Bush wanted to be there but had another obligation — a book club meeting. Bush was actually meeting with the president of Brazil at Camp David.

Cheney also took a few jabs at global warming activist and former Vice President Al Gore, noting the above-average energy use at Gore's house. Said Cheney, "Many argue that global warming is manmade, and it looks like they found the man."

Describing Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney as a pro-choice governor from Massachusetts now running as a pro-life candidate from Michigan, Democratic Congressman Rahm Emanuel suggested Romney, a Mormon, was confused: "It's multiple wives, not multiple lives."

The invitation-only Gridiron Club is the oldest organization for Washington journalists.