So the BBC (search) is up to its old tricks and before you start in on me over there in BBC-land, I have asked BBC representatives to appear on my program a dozen times. They have refused... every time.

A BBC reporter in Ramallah (search), on the West Bank, admitted on air that she cried when Yasser Arafat was choppered out of Palestinian territory, perhaps never to return.

It's more tip of the iceberg stuff from the BBC: the occasional accidental admission of bias. And we're supposed to ignore it because everybody knows the BBC is the very model of objectivity?

Yeah, right.

And, by the way, the French are playing an unbelievable two-faced game right now.

In the Wall Street Journal Monday, a letter to America from French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier: "I am writing to you as a friend of America," he says in his opening and goes on to explain why France and the U.S. are united in common interest and a common economy.

But, at the same time in Monday's European papers, the very same Barnier is quoted saying that Bush's re-election shows that, "Europe is acquiring institutional maturity."

That means a mature Europe looks to another power to rival the U.S., such as France, to lead a united European Union, which provides a counterweight to the United States.

In another paper, Jacques Chirac (search) is quoted saying the Bush election shows it is, "evident that Europe today has more need than ever to reinforce its unity and dynamism."

Ever notice even when they speak English you need a translator?

Chirac sees Bush's second term as an opportunity to lie to Americans by saying "Mais oui, you are our best friends," while at the same time notifying the rest of the world that anti-Americans should rally around France.

My punishment for saying these things is the BBC will probably promote another censure for me from the British government and the French will send my friend Ambassador Levitte on another mission to convince me that I'm wrong.

But I'm not.

That's My Word.

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