Detroit City Council Calls on Mayor Kilpatrick to Resign

A nearly unified City Council voiced its displeasure with Kwame Kilpatrick on Tuesday, calling on the scandal-tainted mayor to resign.

A resolution, which passed on a 7-1 vote in the early afternoon, was more of a "no-confidence" vote. The council doesn't have the power to force Kilpatrick to step down.

Kilpatrick Chief of Staff Kandia Milton said after the vote that the mayor has no intention of quitting despite the council's resolution.

The lone vote against the resolution came from Monica Conyers, the council's president pro tem and the wife of U.S. Rep. John Conyers. Councilwoman Martha Reeves was absent due to an illness.

The council considered the issue two weeks ago, but postponed a vote to Tuesday because some members said they needed more information before they could decide what to do.

Kilpatrick's troubles have compounded in recent weeks.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy is investigating whether the mayor and former Chief of Staff Christine Beatty lied under oath about having an affair during a trial in a whistle-blowers' lawsuit. Kilpatrick has been dogged by media reports about steamy text messages the two exchanged that suggest a romantic relationship.

He also has been criticized for using a racially charged word during a recent speech.