Destiny's Child, Rudy and Ally McBeal in the co-ed bathroom glare of The Foxlight.

Do they have a new destiny? Destiny's Child is taking a break from each other. The group famous for kicking members out is kicking themselves. After four years, they're each off to pursue solo projects.

One of those is a new movie for Beyonce Knowles. She'll cut up with Mike Myers in the next Austin Powers movie, Goldmember. The only thing is, the sexy singer is worried that she'll laugh through all the takes.

And New York's outgoing mayor is going out with a few laughs. In a top ten list on Letterman on Monday night he quipped about the things he'll miss about being hizzoner. Among the highlights: if he feels like sleeping in he just calls a citywide snow emergency; naming a street after someone is a great inexpensive Christmas gift. But the No. 1 thing he'll miss? The daily call from Letterman begging me to reopen strip clubs.

Finally, Ally misses Robert Downey Jr. and apparently so do the rest of us. Ratings for the once hot Ally McBeal are off 24 percent. More stunt casting! How about Giuliani as a new judge on the show?