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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: The United States has sent an alert to relief groups urging them to properly register refugees and secure camps to keep thousands of orphaned children out of harm's way.


ADAM ERELI, STATE DEPARTMENT SPOKESMAN: We are appalled by these reports and horrified that thousands of children orphaned by this disaster are vulnerable to exploitation by criminal elements who seek to profit from their misery.


VAN SUSTEREN: Just hours ago we spoke to the father of the missing Swedish boy, Kristian Walker (search), in the tsunami (search) disaster.


VAN SUSTEREN: When is the last you heard any information about your son Kristian?

DAN WALKER, FATHER OF MISSING SWEDISH BOY: Well, that was when he called me on Christmas Eve and then when I learned that he was missing on the 26th.

VAN SUSTEREN: When you talked to him on Christmas Eve did he say what they were planning to do the next day and the day after?

WALKER: No, no, they just called home to say Merry Christmas and stuff.

VAN SUSTEREN: Who was he in Thailand with?

WALKER: He was with his mother and his brother and sister and his mother's new boyfriend.

VAN SUSTEREN: And his siblings are where now? Are they with you back in Sweden?

WALKER: Yes, they are back home here in Stockholm now.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did they say when they last saw your son Kristian?

WALKER: They were having breakfast all together when they saw the wave and started running. They just came merely 75 yards before the water hit them and then they were all scattered.

VAN SUSTEREN: And has your ex-wife has she been heard from or has she now been...

WALKER: She is still missing.

VAN SUSTEREN: She is still missing. And what about her friend, her companion?

WALKER: He is also missing.

VAN SUSTEREN: How is it that the other two children were able to get to safety?

WALKER: By mere luck, I guess. But I mean what I understood so far by speaking to other families who were down there it was a matter of standing one yard to the left or right was the difference between life and death.

VAN SUSTEREN: Kristian is 12 right Dan?


VAN SUSTEREN: How old are the other two who were able to get to safety?

WALKER: My daughter is seven and my other son is fourteen.

VAN SUSTEREN: Have you heard anything at all? I know that there's been some report that your son was in a hospital. Have you heard anything about Kristian at all today where he might be?

WALKER: No, not today I haven't heard anything except what I heard the Thai authorities say but, as you know, he was seen at a hospital. They claim he was seen at a hospital, two doctors and a nurse and my father continued the search while I got the other two kids back home met these people and they thought it was Kristian.

They met the next day and they were convinced it was Kristian and he met them a third day and together with local police and they all said they were convinced they saw him. My father is quite critical to information like that. Even he was then convinced about 90 percent and as a parent it's enough to be convinced by one percent or half percent to assume that was him. Assuming it was him, you have to pursue.

VAN SUSTEREN: In terms of, I mean I understand of course you have to pursue it, this is your son, do you have any sort of confidence that the young boy in the hospital really was your son or whether your son is someplace else?

WALKER: I mean as I said if two fairly educated people, like two doctors and a senior nurse after three consecutive meetings are convinced that it was Kristian they saw it probably should be at least 50 percent right.

VAN SUSTEREN: Probably, maybe better.

WALKER: Yes, maybe better, yes. So, that's enough for me to continue. And I'm fully aware he might be dead but I mean just that signal makes you want to continue looking, right?

VAN SUSTEREN: No doubt about it.


VAN SUSTEREN: Any idea who he might have been with this young boy at this hospital?

WALKER: The boy they claim they've seen who they supposed at least in the beginning to be my son, the man who brought him was they say European looking, middle-aged, dark haired, moustache and no more information. The problem is that they only speak Taiwanese or Thai at the hospital. They don't speak English.

So, my dad today went down at least to try to establish some understanding if they communicated between each other what exact injuries did they treat him for and so forth and I haven't been able to get hold of my father after their trip up there again.


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