The gun-wielding, bobble-headed Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) doll isn't the only knickknack giving the California governor a headache. Despite a pending lawsuit by Schwarzenegger over the doll, its creator is seeking ideas over the Internet on how to design a new "groping Arnold" doll.

John Edgell (search), a lobbyist and former aide to several Democratic lawmakers, including Rep. Pete Stark of Fremont and Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich, has posted a request for designs on the Washington, DC home page of craigslist.org.

In his posting, Edgell said he was seeking an "experienced sculptor" who would submit designs depicting Schwarzenegger as a groping governor.

"(The doll) will poke fun at a governor who has problems with admitting mistakes, either in a courtroom, a movie set, or the state Capitol," the posting said, offering up to $1,250 for a the assignment.

In the closing days of last year's recall election, Schwarzenegger battled accusations that he had groped and sexually degraded several women during his years in Hollywood. He apologized for behavior, saying he had sometimes "behaved badly" around women.

Edgell told the Oakland Tribune he has received six serious design proposals already. The deadline for proposals is July 1.

Last month, one of Schwarzenegger's companies, Fitness Publications Inc., sued the Bosley Bobbing Head Doll Co., (search) which manufactures the existing Schwarzenegger dolls, claiming the company had used Schwarzenegger's image without his permission. Edgell was later added as a defendant.

The defendants argue that because Schwarzenegger is now an elected official, his image is in the public domain.

The existing Schwarzenegger doll depicts the governor dressed in a suit and tie, toting an assault rifle with a bandoleer of ammunition draped across his chest. In his Web posting, Edgell said the doll mocks Schwarzenegger's attempt to project a "pro-kids" image while starring in dozens of violent movies.

Attorneys for the Bosley company said the company wants "nothing to do" with Edgell's latest project.