Derby Hats and Mint Juleps

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Of course we'll have the news of the day including the latest on Porter Goss' resignation and immigration. Ellen Ratner and Jim Pinkerton will give their insights.

Dina Powell, Under Secretary of State, joins us to talk about women's leadership.

Illusionist David Blaine is up to another of his zany stunts, this time in New York's Lincoln Center! He's inside a clear bubble, submerged in water — has been for the past few days. Our weathercaster, Chris "Big Daddy" Knowles will be live in Lincoln Center with all the latest on Blaine — and the weather of course!

We are starting "You Choose the News" on the weekends. This is your opportunity to tell us the things you want to know more about, so e-mail in like crazy!

Do you believe in haunted houses? Well we are going to talk to a homeowner who purchased a house where a murder took place. The segment will focus on haunted house hunting — homes where people have died.

It's Kentucky Derby day. How many mint juleps will be consumed? Could that be more important than what horse is projected to win? Well, the most important thing — besides drinks — are the hats! We'll talk Derby drinks and hats on Saturday!

Workout guru David Kirsch will be on hand to talk about workout clothes as gifts for Mother’s Day.

Bill McCuddy has some great stuff in Samaire Armstrong from the movie "Just My Luck" as well as Garry Marshall from "Keeping up with the Steins".

We've got a lot more — but why tell you all the ins and outs?

Stay tuned!

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