Denny's Sued Over High Sodium Content in Food

Denny's restaurants are being sued by a New Jersey resident and a nonprofit consumer group claiming that many of the chain's meals contain more than a day's worth of sodium, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday.

Nick DeBenedetto, a 48-year-old resident of Tinton Falls, N.J., and the Center for Science in the Public Interest filed the suit Thursday in New Jersey Superior Court in Middlesex County. The lawsuit claims the meals "are dangerously high in sodium."

DeBenedetto takes medicine to control blood pressure and is seeking class-action status for the suit.

South Carolina-based Denny's Corp. called the suit "frivolous and without merit," the L.A. Times reported on its Web site.

"With hundreds of items on the menu, Denny's offers a wide variety of choices for consumers with different lifestyles, understanding that many have special dietary needs," said the company, which has about 1,500 restaurants nationwide.

The suit contains data about some of the chain's high-salt meals.

The Meat Lover's Scramble, for example, which contains cheese, eggs, bacon, diced ham and sausage, and comes with more meat on the side as well as hash browns and pancakes has 5,690 milligrams of sodium — the equivalent of nearly three days' advised maximum salt intake.

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