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Now I know he's not going to be president, so there is an argument for not giving Dennis Kucinich a kick in the pants. But, with apologies to the congressman in advance, I'm afraid I must.

About 24 hours after Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich pronounced President Bush crazy for even thinking there might have to be war with Iran, the Ohio congressman was asked if, in fact, while visiting with Shirley MacLaine he had actually seen a UFO.

Click here to watch Kucinich's response.

Remember: This is a guy who feels free to say Bush is crazy one day and admit something the next day that many, if not most, people think proves a person is crazy.

If you've seen UFOs you probably shouldn't go around calling other people nuts. If you admit to seeing a UFO, martians, space creatures, big foot and all the rest, you are by definition on the defensive against a charge of craziness.

The congressman doesn't eat meat. Perhaps that is an explanation.

And the rest of you who have seen UFOs, please don't send angry e-mails. It's not going to make any difference -- I'll still think y'all are crazy.

Oh, and by the way, it isn't just Bush who thinks we might be forced into conflict with Iran. The French president said so publicly at his U.N. speech a couple months ago. And even Muslim states are recognizing this might be reality.

It's bad, but it's not crazy. However, now we know who actually is crazy.

That's My Word.

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