Denise Richards Gives Hope to Jon & Kate, Snaps Over Bradley Cooper

Controversial couple Jon & Kate Gosselin have come under fire in recent weeks following the exposure of Jon’s wandering ways, and if there is anyone to empathize with a sticky marriage situation, it would be fellow reality star Denise Richards.

“I’ve been through a divorce and it's not easy. None of know what goes on behind closed doors, all I know is there will be light,” Richards told Tarts at last week’s Give & Get Fete benefiting Dress For Success Worldwide-West at the Frédéric Fekkai Salon in Beverly Hills. “So if I can get through a place of being great parents, there's hope for anyone!”

On the note of love affairs, or lack thereof, the starlet was also quick to slam rumors she was dating Bradley Cooper.

“It's such bull[expletive]. I hate it and it's such an example that some of these magazines literally concoct something from a piece of [expletive] and make up this whole story that we're down at the restaurant,” Richards scoffed. “It is BS and I barely even met the guy. We were both guests on Jimmy Fallon's show. That is it, it's another one of those. Christ, if it's Bradley Cooper it's fine, but I've had so many awful stories about me but this just pisses me off that they can just make something up and print it.”

Michael Jackson’s Remains 'Forgotten'

Amid all the hype surrounding the custody and estate battle going on in the wake of Michael Jackson’s death, it seems his family has forgotten one very important thing - his body. The former King of Pop was temporarily laid to rest at Forest Lawn cemetery some four weeks ago, reportedly in music producer Berry Gordy’s tomb, and it seems he won’t be resting in peace anytime soon.

According to a source close to the Jackson family, Michael’s own brothers have admitted that even have no idea what is going on and when or where a permanent burial will take place.

“It is all still in limbo, its so ridiculous,” an inside source told Tarts. “It’s still a very difficult time for Katherine and she doesn’t want to deal with it. With everything that is going on, everyone has lost focus on his body. It isn’t even really a topic of discussion right now.”

We’ve also been told that a Neverland burial is not out-of-the-question and inquiries have apparently been made with regards to filing a petition in the Santa Barbara Court. However this could take many, many months to come to fruition and be approved.