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A House Divided

Democrats are not as close to ramming a health care bill through Congress as they think. Some of their own colleagues may derail the legislation, mostly because Speaker Nancy Pelosi has excluded centrist Democrats from the bill's drafting process.

Blue Dog Democrat Jim Cooper said the following Thursday:


REP. JIM COOPER, D-TENN.: The House health care legislation did not include Blue Dog thinking, and so there'll be a lot of Blue Dog amendments that are going to be offered in the committee markup. So far, the group of seven Blue Dogs is holding firm.


After meeting with Speaker Pelosi, one Blue Dog Democrat told The Hill newspaper that, "The meeting did not go well, she just kept saying it's a good bill, it's a good bill."

Arkansas Congressman Mike Ross said, "There's no way they can pass the current bill on the House floor, not even close."

It looks like you're going to have to go back to the drawing board, Nancy, and this time you may want to think about taking a few centrist Democrats with you. Who knows, maybe even a couple of liberal Republicans.

Mr. Dodd Says...

Nancy Pelosi's House may be in disorder, but over on the Senate side, Chris Dodd put on his rose-colored glasses when discussing the health care bill with reporters Thursday:


SEN. CHRIS DODD, D-CONN.: We spend more and get less for health care system than Americans deserve. This bill because of what we've done we think is going to increase access.


DODD: It's going to reduce costs to individuals.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Increase unemployment.

DODD: And it's going to improve the quality of health care in our country. We're going to make some investments to achieve those results.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Investments = a trillion here, a trillion there.

DODD: But we're prepared to do that. This is an important moment. We may never get a better chance to do it.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Sixty Democrats after the midterms? Dream on! Heck, I may not even be here!


Senator, I noticed you didn't mention how much the bill is going to cost the American people. Maybe you can donate your Irish cottage to help cover the bill.

"Perry Mason" Fan Club

Many people have asked what qualifies Al Franken to be a United States senator, and during the Sonia Sotomayor hearings Thursday, that question was not answered.

Rather than use his time to question the nominee on her judicial philosophy, the "Saturday Night Live" alum and failed radio talk show host instead decided to talk about a fictional defense attorney from a TV show.

This is brilliant. Take a look:


SEN. AL FRANKEN, D-MINN.: You mentioned "Perry Mason." I was a big fan of "Perry Mason." I watched "Perry Mason" every week with my dad and my mom and my brother. We'd watch the clock, and when we knew when it was two minutes to the half-hour that the real murderer would stand up. It was a great show.


What a proud moment for Minnesota.

This could be why the most junior member of the entire U.S. Senate is generally not invited to be a part of the Judicial Committee.

Land of the "Czars"

Now it's time once again to take a closer look at one of the many figures in President Obama's shadow government. Let's go now to the "Land of the "Czars."

Meet Nancy-Ann Deparle, the unconfirmed health reform "czar" of the Obama administration. This former Clinton aide has been widely criticized for her close ties to corporations in the health care industry. According to American University, many of the companies that she at one time worked for were targeted in serious federal investigations and accused of kickback schemes and other ethical violations.

Deparle has also made significant donations to the campaigns of both Barack Obama and his Chief of Staff Rahm "Rahmbo dead fish" Emanuel.

So much for the president's pledge to change the culture of Washington.

Calling Al Out

The Meltdown is brought to you by some hardworking farmers in North Dakota. They're calling out Al Gore after their farms continue to experience some of the coldest weather in decades. In fact, many of them fear that they could see frosty conditions as early as August.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think Al Gore and his group should be out here and tell us about this global warming stuff. I mean — I think he'd maybe have a change of mind.


Al Gore, are you listening?

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