Democrats Need to Take Stand Against Leftist Web Sites

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The former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has a new book out and he's weighed in on the Democratic Party.

"The Clinton administration was a pretty centrist party," he said on "60 Minutes." "But they're not governing again. The next administration may have the Clinton administration name, but the Democratic Party has moved very significantly in the wrong direction."

Greenspan was referring, The Wall Street Journal reported, to the Democratic Party's populist bent, especially its skepticism about free trade. But Greenspan might as well have been talking about other aspects of the Party's hard left turn.

You think I misspoke and that I should have said the Democrat Party? No, it's the MoveOn Party now. Because no Democrat running for president has had the courage to condemn MoveOn for its slime tactics against Gen. David Petraeus, nor has it been willing to cross the line set out by the far left triumvirate of, the Daily Kos and

When these guys say jump, the Democrats don't even pause to ask how high. They just jump and hope to God it's high enough. No Democrat is willing to cross the Internet organizations which have taken over the Democrat Party.

Eli Pariser, who runs MoveOn's political action unit, famously said of the Democrat Party: "We own it, we bought it, we paid for it, and we're taking it back." That should have sent a shudder down the backs of Democrats, and it should have prompted them to get some distance. But instead, that declaration of ownership has been reciprocated with the bended knee of every Democrat running for president.

Greenspan is right. Hillary's Democrats are not the same as Bill's Democrats. The new Democrats are meat eaters, and they will devour any of their own who deviates from the party line set down by Eli Pariser and George Soros, who writes the checks.

I'd like to think Hillary has the guts to cut MoveOn loose. We'll be watching to see when her moment of courage comes, if it ever comes at all.

That's My Word.

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