Democrats in State of Denial About Al Qaeda

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This is totally weird. A story today on and elsewhere says that Iran is threatening to fight Al Qaeda. Evidently this is because Al Qaeda has been threatening Iran over something.

It caught my attention because yesterday Bush was promising to fight Al Qaeda. Today Al Qaeda has a new tape out threatening us again, and Iran says it will fight them, too. But the U.S. Senate is determined to hand Iraq over to Al Qaeda even before the time has elapsed that they promised Gen. Petraeus.

So Harry Reid won't fight Al Qaeda but Iran and Bush will? I told you it was weird.

Who is out of step here?

The left is going to say Bush and Iran, of course. Ayman al-Zawahiri, who wants to bomb America out of Iraq, will doubtlessly side with the Senate Democrats.

Again, I ask: Who is out of step here?

If I were Senate Democrats I would want to tack in the opposite direction of Al Qaeda. If Al Qaeda is saying we want the Americans out of Iraq, it doesn't sound so good for Democrats to say me too.

Democrats are in a state of denial about Al Qaeda, having talked themselves into believing that the Al Qaeda terror group is entirely a concoction of George W. Bush. As this logic goes, if we had never gone to Iraq there would be no Al Qaeda in Iraq, or here for that matter.

As for Iraq, well, yes, Saddam Hussein might have thrown them off rooftops too, but evidence actually points to him keeping Al Qaeda around for his own purposes.

As for the idea that we wouldn't have an Al Qaeda problem here if Bush hadn't invaded Iraq, the ignorance is just stunning. Look at today's Zawahiri tape. If he goes through it without a threat against America it would surprise me very much. It's part of their mantra.

If Democrats get elected in a full state of Al Qaeda denial, good luck to them and good luck to us.

No evidence has surfaced that shows Al Qaeda in a separate peace for Americans who didn't vote for Bush. Their bombs aren't that smart.

That's My Word.

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