What to make of this Sen. Tom Daschle kerfuffle?

The Democrats are zigging when they should zag, thinking they may have figured out how to outflank President Bush this election season only to find the public has sided with our commander in chief.

This is beginning to remind me of the old pre-Clinton Democrat days, when the libs and lefties and Dems shot at each other before turning their guns on their political opponents.

Remember when Jesse Jackson and Fritz Mondale and those types were trying to out-liberal each other?

Those were the heady days of really not getting it, and I thought they were totally over — until today.

Now you've got Al Gore bringing the war back into the debate when Daschle had almost swept it under the rug. Then Gore's old running mate Joe Lieberman says, "My guy Al... he's dead wrong."

Then Daschle's got to face the darned war issue again and try to make some hay with it since it won't stay swept under the rug, so he attacks the president using old Sen. Inouye — a true American hero — as the poster boy Democrat of the new anti-war era (not exactly anti, but certainly go-slow era).

The Republicans have these troubles too... a bit. Sen. Chuck Hagel has been trundled into a corner where he isn't quite so embarrassing. You'll also notice that Gen. Brent Scowcroft isn't spouting off a whole lot lately either.

And where's former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter? He can't seem to get on TV if he isn't in Baghdad.

Yes, the Dems would like to talk about the economy and Social Security... but the American people think the urgent matter of Saddam Hussein comes first, or so say the polls.

That's My Word.

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