Democrats Flip-Flop on Wiretapping Issue

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What a difference a few months make, and sometimes you have to wonder why.

Take this issue of George W. Bush spying on phone calls from America to "Jihadiland" or from "Jihadiland" to America. Bush wanted to listen to those calls and he didn't want to be bogged down in a Carter-era cumbersome procedure of something called the FISA court.

You would have thought he'd put a Bic to the Constitution. The hue and cry that went up from the left. Democrats of all stripes — and a few libertarian-type conservatives — raised all kinds of hell about violating the Fourth Amendment and violating the rights of all Americans.

It was never true, of course. But it didn't stop prominent Dems from throwing around the impeachment word.

A few months go by… and voila. Today the Democrats in the House were set to introduce a bill to give the president the right to do precisely the type of wiretapping Bush wanted and Bush has been doing.

So last spring it was impeach Bush and now it's vote for what he was doing that got all the impeachment talk going. Did the Dems finally get it, or are they just impeachment hypocrites?

Well, both. They finally get it that the American people don't mind the government listening to phone calls from Waziristan to America. It seems logical one would do that. So Dems don't want to be caught looking stupid, letting Al Qaeda put corks in our ears so we can't hear their plots.

But secondly, the Democrats in this country at large — Democrat voters — have rejected the far left. The far-left Web sites and political terror operations have been crushed to watch the Democrat Congress unable and evidently unwilling to stop the war. They have watched in horror as Hillary Clinton — she of the "go to war" vote — has run away with the field. And now this: Democrats voting to approve the crime they wanted to impeach Bush for.

The left is shattered, stunned, sulking. Hillary should be on notice that these people won't take losing graciously.

That's My Word.

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