It's two Democrats against America — Howard Dean (search) and Wesley Clark (search). They are the two who are saying right now that the Iraq war was wrong.

Clark may have changed his tune, but that's what he's saying now...

Of course, Dean practically invented the "war is wrong" movement, along with Jacques Chirac (search) and Dominique Devillepin (search).

America doesn't think so. The polling moves a little one way or another, but overall — for more than a year — the folks here in the U.S. have thought the war to remove Saddam Hussein was a good idea and are glad it happened.

Could it have gone better? Sure. Could there have been a better plan? Sure. But the overall idea — let's do this war — is one Americans accept.

So what are these two Democrats going to do? Convince 10 to 20 percent of the people that they were wrong? That the opinion they have held about the war is in error? That their gut feeling that America is safer with Saddam gone is wrong?

Excuse me, but I think that's a hard task. When it comes to big questions like war, people think about it and arrive at a conclusion. They probably aren't going to like a country doctor from a state with fewer people than Baghdad to tell them they were wrong, and that they should change their mind.

The Supreme Court has said it's OK for the government to round up people in secret and hold them in secret, as we did after 9/11. The country is aware there are still people who want to make war on us, and that it's not over.

Will Americans elect someone who says the war is our fault?

That's My Word.

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